Insurance pharmacies saving money at the expense of patients

By: Dr Bykowsky

A short while ago the Wall Street Journal Published an article ( praising CVS Health on the job they were doing in keeping drug costs down. What they neglected to say was that much of the cost savings was at the expense of the health of the insured (you). Dr. Bykowsky responded to this editorial in a Letter to the Editor ( which was published the following week. What the letter said in essence was that all drug plans are limiting the choices you as a patient have in treatment options while doing their best to shift as much of the drug costs to you. Furthermore, we have all seen our co-pays and deductibles soaring with no end in sight.
What you as a consumer can do is contact the benefits manager at your job to report these abuses to them. A single person cannot change this system but if enough people complain it will make a difference. Finally, some of the hassle can be avoided if you bring a copy of your formulary with you to your visit so you and your doctor can make better choices.



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