• Quality of life in older adults with asthma.

    Quality of life in older adults with asthma.

    In the United States, patients older than sixty-five years have the highest asthma mortality rate of any age group, accounting for more than 50% of all asthma deaths. Unfortunately, little research has focused on optimal treatment and diagnostic strategies in this population. Studies have shown that older adults with a diagnosis of asthma have poorer quality of life than do healthy controls.

  • Have Asthma? You Likely Have an Allergy as Well

    Asthma is becoming an epidemic in the United States. The number of Americans diagnosed with asthma grows annually, with 26 million currently affected. According to a new study, nearly two-thirds or more of all asthmatics also have an allergy, which can make this spring season particularly bothersome. The study found that an astonishing 75 percent of asthmatic adults aged 20- to 40-years-old, and 65 percent of asthmatic adults aged 55 years and older, have at least one allergy.

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