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New Patient Evaluation

Our allergists will work with you to determine what causes your problems and to develop a plan to provide the most effective treatments.

At your initial evaluation, we will review your allergy and /or asthma problems, general medical history including all your current medications and your family history. The next step is the physical exam, which will focus on the problems you have. Depending on your symptoms, we may perform a lung function test called spirometry. For some conditions, blood tests or sinus CT scans may also be needed.

After the initial history and physical exam, we will formulate an initial diagnostic and treatment plan. We often perform specific allergy skin tests to identify your allergen trigger factors.

After the initial evaluation, a summary medical conference wil be scheduled. Your initial response to medication and allergy test results will be reviewed with you. We will disuss long-term medication plans, allergen avoidance and, in some cases, allergy injections (immunotherapy).

Your evaluation will be customized specifically for you, focusing on your problems, lifestyle and treatment goals.

We look forward to helping you!

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